Reno Improv provides a supportive and fun learning environment during every step of your improv journey. Our classes are designed to help you experience immediate success and have lots of fun in a safe, welcoming setting.

We offer the following classes:

Level I: Introduction to Short Form Improv
In this class, you’ll sharpen your listening skills, explore and play with new people and learn the basics of improv comedy. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to loosen up, be more spontaneous and learn to take healthy risks on stage and in life. The class will incorporate scene work, movement-based and group exercises along with short form improv games to help you become more confident, trusting and graceful on stage.

Level II: Introduction to Long Form Improv
Improv training promotes confidence – both on stage and also in other professional and public speaking endeavors. In Level II, you’ll continue to develop valuable listening skills, practice the art of exuding self confidence and composure in the face of uncertainty, and become a stronger collaborator in group settings. Most importantly, you will practice saying “yes” to exciting new ideas and experiences.

Level III: The Montage
Reno Improv’s Level III: The Montage focuses on the classic long form improv piece. In this exciting 8-week class, you’ll learn how edit scenes, tag in and out with confidence, create spit scenes, and further develop your proficiency in the art of discovering “the game” of the scene.

Level IV: The Harold
Training in The Harold will help you understand advanced scene work through time dashes, character jumps and the exploration of themes throughout a long form performance piece. In this class, you will learn how to create group games and use callbacks through the use of pattern recognition.

Is an 8-week course not quite your speed? Check out our weekly Playground classes and Corporate Training Workshops. 


Reno Improv provides full and partial scholarships for students who are committed to the coursework but may not be in a position to pay for classes at this time. If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, reach out to

Download our Scholarship Application.