Improv = Community

We teach and perform long form improv comedy and public speaking in Reno, Nevada. Improv is a relentlessly cooperative art form where performers create, play and succeed as a community. All people can learn to improvise as long as they allow themselves to fully support their fellow improvisers and work as a team.


Benefits of Improv

  • Practice better communication
  • Become more confident as a public speaker
  • Laser-focus your listening skills
  • Get your shy self out of your comfort zone (or, conversely, give your loud, extroverted self a place to let go!)
  • Meet new people

Improv for Everyone

Whether you’re drawn to improv because you would like to improve your communication skills, become a better actor or improviser, be part of a great community, or attend our fun weekly shows, Reno Improv is the place for you!